• Iona Institute completes one of most useless surveys possible regarding child welfare.

    The Iona Institute commissioned a survey via Amarach Research regarding child adoption. Below is the question that was asked.

    When a child is available for adoption, who is it best to place the child with? (rank in order of preference, 1 for ‘best’ and ‘5’ for least best)

    A man and woman

    A man

    A woman

    Two women

    Two men

    (NB: The above options were rotated)

    Ninety-one percent of respondents said their first preference is a man and a woman.

    There is a notable lack of information here on the suitability of prospective  adopting parents. Nobody in their right mind would base the decision on who should be allowed to adopt based on the above criteria. Luckily adoption authorities are more robust than that. Also, we don’t delineate the responsibility on child welfare to public opinion but to childcare professionals. But if Iona are interested in such surveys I challenge them to run the same survey with the addition of the following option: child goes to the person or persons deemed  best suited and in the best interest of the child regardless of gender. Interesting to see what people say when the most sensible option is available.

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    Article by: Humanisticus