• Jesus The Remake


    Jesus The Remake is a dark satire feature film telling the story of Jesus Christ, but in a modern-day setting. It is the greatest story ever retold. Jesus is a musician who uses his songs to get his message out to the world. He, along with his girlfriend Maggie, form a band with some of the apostles and begin touring around the local circuit. His songs are his sermons, the gospels are blogs. Coverage on social networks like Facebook and YouTube gain the band a cult following. However, Jesus gains unwanted attention from two dogmatic priests who are threatened by his claims of divinity.  As his popularity grows, so does the threat from the church, which is prepared to stop him at all costs.

    This is an Irish film by Epic Productions, and although it is an independent movie with a limited budget the production quality is quite high, as is seen in the trailer. The movie is not intended to offend but simply imagine a world in which Jesus was born in contemporary Ireland and utilised music to convey his message.

    I think it is important to support such independent projects, so have a look at the trailer below and if this movie piques your interest pay a visit to their  website or Facebook; and be sure to keep an eye out for it when it hits international film festivals in the coming new year.


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