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Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in Personal, Philosophy | 0 comments

Best philosophy books of 2012

The Philosophers’ Magazine has listed the best, or “best”, philosophy books of (late 2011 and) 2012, as chosen by a rather formidable list of contributors – myself among them, although some of these folks are a lot more academically formidable than I am. Check it out! My choice was Bruce N. Waller, Against Moral Responsibility, which I’ve also discussed – at slightly more length – here (on the old Hellfire Club site).

Dammit, no one listed Freedom of Religion and the Secular State but I’ll shamelessly plug it anyway.

I did say in an earlier post (also on the old site) that my strictly philosophical book of the year would be announced in TPM. Go to that post for my book of the year without the caveat (i.e., “strictly philosophical”) attached to it.