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GPS reviews…”Unstoppable” featuring Kirk Cameron

The film Unstoppable is the latest installment of Kirk Cameron’s many video and film projects that attempt to appeal to Christian youth and to much broader popular tastes in film. Read on to see the context of what the film is trying to accomplish, and how it falls short.

Oh my (American) God(s)!

(Fairly relevant image, and also really fun game)

Since I was fairly young (pre-teens, certainly, although I can’t put an exact date on it), I have been fascinated by mythologies of all types. The earliest ones I was exposed to were the Greek and Roman myths, quickly followed by Egyptian stories and Norse sagas. Thanks to growing up in Oklahoma, I also got lots of early exposure to Native American stories, particularly ones from the Kiowa tribe. Reading stories like the Epic of Gilgamesh and learning more and more about comparative mythology was a critical step in my road to embracing a naturalistic worldview.