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Neanderthals and Us: Closer Than We Thought

When I was a kid, calling someone a “Neanderthal” was an insult. It implied that you were a primitive, ugly, stupid non-human that should really just die out and be rediscovered and named in Germany in the 1850s. Thanks to scientific and anthropological advances in the past 20 years, though, such insults really aren’t all that accurate anymore.

Introducing Evolutionary Science to Children

In any reasonable library or bookstore, an adult can walk in and find numerous books that allow him or her to learn about evolutionary theory to their heart’s content. Adults can even turn on their television or computer and find loads of documentaries on the subject if they don’t want to read about it. But where can children learn about evolution, especially as the teaching of it is still so (ridiculously) controversial?

Welcome to SINergy!

This morning, the Skeptic Ink Network launched it’s newest venue – SINergy. SINergy is going to be your one-stop shop…