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GPS reviews…”Unstoppable” featuring Kirk Cameron

The film Unstoppable is the latest installment of Kirk Cameron’s many video and film projects that attempt to appeal to Christian youth and to much broader popular tastes in film. Read on to see the context of what the film is trying to accomplish, and how it falls short.

Inspiring Women of TAM 2013: Cara Santa Maria

If you are a frequent reader of the Huffington Post, you are probably quite familiar with TAM speaker Cara Santa Maria. She rose to renown as a science writer for HuffPo, where she produced the well-received series “Talk Nerdy to Me” and held the post of Senior Science Correspondent until she left in April 2013. Since then, Cara has become a host on the Young Turks network as well as co-hosting a series on The Weather Channel called Hacking the Planet. She also runs a very active Twitter account.