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    I’ve written before about my friend Monty Harper. To wit,

    A buddy of mine, Monty Harper, is an award winning children’s singer-songwriter who has made a ton of awesome music about science and scientists. His latest album was called Songs from the Science Frontier and featured tunes inspired by the research of various scientists at my alma mater, Oklahoma State. It is fun, catchy, kids love it (mine does anyway, so I’m working from a n of one, but I’ve seen him play live and it’s like a G-rated version of Rolling Stones concert), and, unlike most kid-friendly music, it’s fun for parents as well. Monty also runs a library program called Born to Do Science, where he invites scientists to speak to kids about their research, do demonstrations, and the he writes and performs a song about the research. It’s a great time, as I found out when he had me up a while back for a program called “Tangling with Twisters” (you can see the song for that day here).

    Now, in what should be an exciting development for parents everywhere who care about science education (and not listing to children’s music that is ultra-annoying), Monty is currently raising money for the support of a second Songs from the Science Frontier album via Kickstarter.

    More Songs from the Science Frontier

    Abbie at ERV is supporting him as well, and you should too! He has a fantastic slate of rewards for backers (including the entire first CD as an instant download for only five bucks!), and is documenting everything via his YouTube channel. Read more via this interview at Zoogobble. He’s a little over a third of the way there as of this writing, so go and through some money at him!

    Below is a video of the title cut from the first album:

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    Article by: Caleb Lack

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