• Gravity Hill – Supernatural or Perceptual?

    Numerous so-called “gravity hills” are located all around the world, from Pennsylvania to California, India to Ireland. In these locations, vehicles are said to mysteriously roll up a hill or slope, defying gravity. Are such phenomenon the result of ghosts, ley lines, magentic disruptions, and/or aliens? Or could it be something even more sinister…physics?!?!

    In northeastern Oklahoma, there is a gravity hill located outside of Bartlesville. In this documentary, Paul Gilmore, Casey Hartgers, and Jacob Heck investigate the hill, the legends, and the reality.

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    Article by: Caleb Lack

    Caleb Lack is the author of "Great Plains Skeptic" on SIN, as well as a clinical psychologist, professor, and researcher. His website contains many more exciting details, visit it at www.caleblack.com