• New Books on Mental Health from Caleb Lack!

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    In exciting news, I just published two short texts on psychopathology. One is on anxiety disorders (such as phobias, OCD, panic attacks, and general anxiety), while the other focuses on mood disorders (such as depression and bipolar). Both are now available for the Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and in paperback (links below).

    I purposefully wrote these texts to be highly readable and well-structured, so that they would be useful to students, practitioners, and laypersons. Each covers the class of disorders by focusing on:

    • Diagnostic criteria and changes
    • Associated features
    • Presentation differences across the lifespan
    • Gender and cultural differences
    • Epidemiology
    • Etiology
    • Empirically supported treatments

    By making these readable, concise, and inexpensive, I am hoping to continue one of my primary missions – spreading evidence-based and scientific information to the masses. If you purchase either or both and have feedback (positive or negative), feel free to leave it below!

    Paperbacks – Anxiety Disorders / Mood Disorders

    Kindle links – Anxiety Disorders / Mood Disorders

    Nook links – Anxiety Disorders / Mood Disorders

    iBooks links – Anxiety Disorders / Mood Disorders

    Kobo links – Anxiety Disorders / Mood Disorders

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    Article by: Caleb Lack

    Caleb Lack is the author of "Great Plains Skeptic" on SIN, as well as a clinical psychologist, professor, and researcher. His website contains many more exciting details, visit it at www.caleblack.com