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Posted by on Sep 14, 2013 in Atheism | 0 comments

Radio interview on rationality, faith and religion

Earlier in the week, I was interviewed on a local radio station on gods, the reasons people believe in them, and the extent to which it matters (or not) that they do so. As you’ll hear (if you listen to it), I make the point that increasingly it’s not really religion that bothers me, but rather the (increasingly rare, at least in the UK, USA and much of the ‘West’) occasions in which religion is used as an excuse to do others harm.

The other thing you’ll hear is that religious believers are similar the world over, in terms of the implausible and sometimes rather desperate leaps of logic deployed in order to support their beliefs. The Twitter feed was fun, too, with a few people accusing the presenter of bias, in that how could he hope to have a proper conversation about God with someone who doesn’t believe that God exists?