• Morning in Trump’s America

    Here in the heart of the heartland, voters overwhelmingly chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. This was more-or-less what everyone expected to happen, even the professional pollsters got it right.

    About 20 minutes due west of where I live, jubilant Trump supporters celebrated their historic victory by vandalizing and perhaps terrorizing neighbors who voted the other way. My dear friend Mike had his house egged, his driveway spray-painted, and his Clinton yard signs redecorated with symbols of white- and male-supremacy.

    Here’s the video I took this morning.


    Posted by Mike Fuller on Sunday, 13 November 2016

    Needless to say, most Trump voters are not trying to encourage reckless vandalism and hate speech. Some of their kids even helped clean up, and kudos to them for doing so.

    Is anyone really surprised by this vindictive and openly racist behavior, though? This feels to me like exactly the sort of celebration one might well expect from people who enthusiastically supported a viciously xenophobic candidate who promised us a great wall, a deportation force, and a total ban on Muslim immigration.

    I shudder to think what the Drumpf Jugend would have done had they lost.

    Your thoughts?

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

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