• Sanders fans halfheartedly support Clinton

    Halfhearted may be the wrong term, here. More like 55% enthused.

    In a recent poll conducted under the auspices of The Economist and YouGov, respondents were asked a crucial question which becomes less and less hypothetical with each passing day, “If the candidates for President were Hillary Clinton as the Democrat and Donald Trump as the Republican, who would you vote for?” The results for Democratic primary voters were quite something:


    One should always be cautious about reading too much into polls about future behavior, especially when we still have six months until the general election. Still, it is awfully alarming to see that fully 45% of Bernie voters (in this random sample) would abandon the Democratic Party if the nominee is not to their liking. I’ve never been registered as a Democrat (or a Republican) but it seems reasonable to me that a party ought to expect a bit more loyalty than that.

    We can safely assume that the 15% who support Trump are lost to persuasion and reason, but I have a question for the remaining ⅓ of Sanders voters who won’t back Clinton: Which goals of yours will be more likely to be served by Trump than Clinton?


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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

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