• Unbelievable news from a trusted source

    On April 1st of all days, people are on their guard for fake news stories, especially on the more playful blog sites. We are bound to see sensational headlines like this:

    Okay, maybe that one was real. Always hard to say with Werleman.

    Now this one is almost certainly a fake op-ed:

    Somewhere between real news and fake editorials are bizarrely prophetic articles which only turn out to be true months or years later:

    At least all of these pretend stories were realistic enough to be plausible. Also, the date stamp is bit of a giveaway. Unlike these sneakily unseasonal shenanigans over at Patheos:

    I’m almost sure that never happened, but can’t be bothered to fact check it. Probably just clickbait.


    Now this one sounds like another CJ Werleman pronouncement. Probably not worth heeding, much less resharing.

    In fact, ignore all of what I’ve posted above. There is only one worthwhile takeaway from all this nonsense:

    Not all forms of skepticism may be found at the intersection of science education and consumer protection. Sometimes it can be a worthwhile step forward merely to make a habit of constantly wondering whether you’re being misinformed. Let’s try not forget this lesson tomorrow.

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.