• Possible Pedantry Preserved For Posterity

    After the Saturday elections, Mike Pesca laid down a scathing series of tweets taking the national media to task for failing to clearly and precisely communicate how party primaries actually work in their Sunday coverage. Here follow some of the highlights.

    After all this, it somehow gets even worse, because the only headline which Pesca fulsomely praised (on his podcast) was that of the Providence Journal:

    This was an accurate headline in the paper edition, but if you click through to the story, you will find that the headline has been altered in the online edition and no longer reflects reality as a result.

    Why does this matter? Because rounding results up to the state level creates a series of false impressions in the minds of readers whenever the race for delegates is not (yet) functioning as winner-take-all at the state level. Such misinformation should be especially worrisome given the special role that Thomas Jefferson envisioned for newspapers (and journalists in general) to play in preserving our democratic form of government.


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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

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