• Oklahoma lawmakers hope to repeal separation of church and state

    Not all Oklahoma lawmakers hope to repeal over a century of constitutional separation of church and state, but at least a few of them surely do.

    Here is the relevant language, taken directly from Oklahoma’s founding document which was ratified in 1907:

    While that may have been good enough for the founders of the State of Oklahoma and all the subsequent generations from then until now, there are those who feel it is nigh time to start using public property to further their own system of religion.

    House Joint Resolution 1036 would give the people of Oklahoma an opportunity to turn their backs on over a century of separationism:

    This measure repeals Section 5 of Article 2 of the Oklahoma
    Constitution. This section prohibits the use of public
    monies or property for sectarian or religious purposes.
    FOR THE PROPOSAL — YES _____________
    AGAINST THE PROPOSAL — NO _____________

    The State Representatives behind this effort to use Oklahoma tax dollars to further and support their own religious agenda are as follows:

    John Paul Jordan, Jon Echols, Bobby Cleveland, Mike Ritze, Dan Fisher, Lewis Moore, Casey Murdock, John Bennett, Sean Roberts, John Montgomery, Chuck Strohm, Jeff Coody, Mark McBride, David Brumbaugh.

    My advice to local activists, for the time being, is to try to explain to these men why strict constitutional separation has always been a good idea. Perhaps send them a copy of this comprehensive argument from the man known as Father of the Constitution here in the U.S. Or simply explain how they are actively working to make non-Christians (and even some devout Christians) feel unwelcome in Oklahoma and why that is bad for all concerned. Whatever you do, please be firm but polite. We are going to fight this every step of the way.

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

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