• Speaking out against Bible distribution in Oklahoma

    As mentioned on Friendly Atheist and Religion Clause we Okies have recently had a few rounds of back-and-forthing (and frothing) over the ethics and legality of handing out holy books to public schoolchildren. The hosts of the Oklahoma Atheists Godcast (iTunes, Stitcher) recently caught up with the outspoken atheist mother at the center of the recent kerfuffle.

    If I learned anything from talking to Lea, it is that even when everything goes according to plan and the school district immediately complies, there may yet be a heavy social costs imposed upon those who are bold enough to speak up for equal treatment under the constitution.

    Thankfully, though, some few people have been encouraging.

    For what it’s worth, the lesson that I’m taking from these events is that we freethinkers and secularists must weave together stronger networks of social support if we hope to help individuals and families withstand the inevitable blowback they will face when standing up for historical constitutional principles.

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

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