• Oklahoma Ten Commandments Monument Destroyed

    Local news station KFOR has the story:

    Oklahoma Highway Patrol says around 7 p.m. Thursday troopers responded to an abandoned vehicle which was driven into the statue.

    Investigators with OHP have the suspect vehicle in custody and are continuing to investigate evidence surrounding the ordeal.

    UPDATE: The Governor confirms someone came forward and is now in custody in connection with the monument destruction.

    Hemant Mehta also has a good write up with background information on the monument itself.

    OK ten comm

    I want to echo what Hemant wrote here, “I want that monument gone from the Capitol, but this isn’t the way I wanted to see it go.”

    This monument offends my moral and political sensibilities, it upsets me profoundly to see the State of Oklahoma using state property to further a system of religion in blatant defiance of the state constitution. It is a monumental exercise of Christian privilege, among other things. That said, there is no excuse for resorting to physical force while we still have a shot at judicial remedies.

    My old friends Bruce Prescott and Aimee Breeze are pursuing two separate lawsuits designed to take this behemoth down, and last night’s vandalism merely complicates the legal process, at best. I sincerely hope that the perpetrator of this crime against state property is made to restore the monument in full, so that it may be removed legally and permanently in due time.

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

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