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    You’ve probably already heard about this if you follow me on any social media, but my bro Chas and I have launched a new podcast at www.BlueBallSkeptics.com, where we will be pursuing various skeptical topics. Our other podcast is not going away any time soon, but as we explained in the latest supplemental episode of that show, we are looking for more freedom to pursue science and skepticism even when we cannot manage to somehow link the topic back to questions about theism/atheism.

    The full cast of the first episode (photo credit: Ardent Skeptic)
    Full cast of the first Blue Ball Skeptics episode at TAM2013 (Photo credit: An Ardent Skeptic)

    We will be trying to focus on topics that do not traditionally receive loads of coverage under the rubric of Big Tent Skepticism, for example, in the first two shows we covered the unfortunate history of racism in the fields of statistics (my field), physical anthropology (Chas’ field), and psychology (Caleb’s field). In the next supplemental episode, Caleb will be discussing the results of his as-yet-unpublished scientific survey of TAM attendees and UCO students.

    If you have any suggestions for interesting topics or  interviewees, do leave a comment about it below.

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

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