• Dogma Debate in OKC

    Last night, the crew of Dogma Debate came through Oklahoma City and recorded episode 126, which started off with a segment about the Bible curriculum to be taught in Mustang Public Schools (where all my nieces live) followed by recurring segments such as Republicans Say the Darnedest Things. Go have a listen!

    Left to right: David Smalley, Red McCall, Damion Reinhardt
    Left to right: David Smalley, Red McCall, Damion Reinhardt (Photo by Chas Stewart)

    We had a great time, and the live version of the show went up on the podcast feed almost immediately afterwards. Those Dogma Debate guys run a tight ship, and lug about more audio hardware than I ever hope to own. I’m sort of in awe of those brave few who tour the country meeting with atheist groups, people like David Smalley or Becky and Sam of Ask an Atheist or Jerry DeWitt or Roger Scott Jackson. What they do looks absolutely exhausting, but I’m immensely thankful that they are out there plugging away for truth, justice, and freedom of conscience.

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.