• In Support of AmbrosiaX

    The fresh face of "harassment" floats ominously in a purple haze
    The fresh face of “harassment” floats ominously in a purple haze

    Whenever I see someone within the movement being unfairly attacked, from a major platform, my reaction is usually to express my support for that person. Today, that person is AmbrosiaX.

    The story so far:

    AmbrosiaX is a friend of mine, so I’m not particularly objective about this, but I’ve never seen her harass anyone, anywhere, for any reason. She gets a little snarky on Twitter sometimes, but then who doesn’t? I’d say she is friendlier than nine out of ten people that I encounter on social media, and the tenth person is probably one of my elder relatives.

    Harassment is, under certain circumstances, a crime in the State of Florida. It is unclear whether PZ is accusing AmbrosiaX of a criminal offense, or whether he means to insult and demean her in a more general sense. Either way, I feel it is incumbent upon him to provide at least some evidence to show where she has done something wrong. Not merely rude and snarky, not merely guilt by association, but something that she actually did which constitutes harassment. Otherwise, she deserves an apology and retraction.

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

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