• SlymePit vs. Atheism Plus – Race to 70k

    I’ve previously written about how these two forums have a number of odd similarities, in addition to their overt dissimilarities in playing for opposite teams in the Deep Rift Wars. Recently, blogger Adam Lee made a similar comparison, noting that the Atheism Plus forums have “2,400 members, almost five times more people than the slime.” This is certainly true, but profoundly misleading. As of Sunday afternoon, the Atheism+ forums had 62,147 total posts from 2,403 nominal members, while the SlymePit boasted only 49,371 from 496 nominal members. Of course, nominal membership is not a measure of active membership, especially in places like the Pit where registration is not required for posting. Over the last week or so, there have been roughly twice as many Pitters online as Plussers at any given time, and the Pit has averaged 525 new posts per day while A+ have been holding steady at just over 200.

    At some point in the near future, one of these two forums will be the first to break 70,000 posts. According to a quick back-of-the-spreadsheet analysis, both of them are on track to do so right around International Mother Language Day or thereabouts. Of course, that is assuming that posting continues roughly as it does now, but I fully expect that in reality the Pitters will surpass the Plussers before then. Anyone care to bet against the People of the Slime?

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.