• Pearce / Rauser debate on the Reasonable Doubts podcast

    Fairly recently, my man Chas and I had one of the bloggers from Freethought Blogs on to our humble podcast. Apparently, the spirit of freethought ecumenism is spreading during the holiday season, since the folks over at Reasonable Doubts recently hosted one of my fellow SINners in a long-form audio debate over the historicity of the Nativity. Such inter-non-faith cooperation positively warms my heart on Boxing Day.

    As to the debate itself, I’ve got to give the interlocutors and podcast producers some major props on this one. I’ve listened to hundreds of atheist debates, but this one is unique in that it gave the format provided the debaters ample time to carefully frame their arguments, instead of having to do it all on their feet in the course of a live performance. This means somewhat less tension and excitement than a live debate, but significantly more substance. Instead of the usual canned arguments and counterarguments, we get to hear these guys go into some depth on each point. Definitely worth a listen.


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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.