• Inter-Belief Relationships Work


    Don’t believe the lie that the person you love has to share your beliefs or non-beliefs about gods, miracles, and worship.

    In fact, you and your love can be happy together, very happy. You can be different and happy. You can appreciate that you are different, and be happy.

    More than 14 years ago, before my wife and I got married, I had the impression that our different religious views would always be a potential source of trouble or conflict. And at times, the differences were something we needed to hash out.

    But as our three children grow, I see that each of them is very different from me, as my brothers and I are different from one another and from our parents. Why, difference abounds! Different political views, different views of money, different lifestyles, different hobbies, different parenting philosophies, and on and on and on.Love — romantic love, familial love — cares not at all about difference itself. Difference is not the problem; in fact, difference is not a problem but a fundamental advantage.

    My inter-belief marriage — my happy, happy marriage — makes the world a better place. That’s what inter-belief relationships do. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

    Category: Home Life


    Article by: Larry Tanner