• Can a Machine Have Insight?

    I hope readers don’t mind a question that may help me with a point in my dissertation. What I want are links and/or references to peer-reviewed articles on the research topic of my title. Specifically, I’d like a paper outlining possible methods or directions for building a machine/computer/program that demonstrated insight.

    The term insight I will leave undefined, although it could signify a range of behaviors, results, or features.

    So, can anyone recommend a good source, preferably an article and not a monograph?

    UPDATE: It occurs to me that even a rigorous AI definition of insight and/or related terms might be just as valuable in place of a full paper. I’m happy to walk the research trail on this if folks can point me in a direction with some likelihood of success.

    And did I say THANKS?

    Category: Dissertation


    Article by: Larry Tanner