• Petreus: Obama’s Political Albatross

    A white cap albatross.

    The post-election meltdown continues for America’s Republicans and conservatives. One emerging outcome has been a bizarre conspiracy theory connecting the sex scandal of former CIA Director David Petraeus to the Obama administration’s official response to the 11 September 2012 terrorist attack in Libya on the US embassy.

    Here’s Fox News (of course!) correspondent Victoria Toensing:

    Something is rotten in Benghazi-Petraeus.  But we cannot find the rot in these two tragedies because the information is classified and the administration remains silent at the pleasure of the press.

    The opening allusion to Hamlet is telling: it indicates that the scandal has put the entire world and all nature out of joint. As usual, it seems, according to the anit-Obamaites the world can hardly get worse…and they love it.

    Toensing’s piece is tawdry sensationalism. It’s 100% insinuation, a tape looped on “What are they hiding?” She closes by connecting Benghazi and Petreus as part of a larger orchestration by the Obama administration:

    The two seemingly unrelated incidents are now merged. Just days before Petraeus is scheduled to testify about the first, he resigns because of the second, and cancels his Congressional appearances.  The House and Senate have the authority to subpoena him.  It is up to them and the media to find the rot.

    For more: see conservative Charles Krauthammer, still licking his wounds from the election:


    Personally, this Beghazi-Petreaus conspiracy is about the stupidest manufacture of scandal I’ve ever seen. Petreaus should testify. Is there any reason he now cannot? He should also refrain from having sex with people who are not his spouse.

    But all this doesn’t really matter to the Republicans and conservatives. Instead, they want to make this faux conspiracy into Obama’s legacy. They want this pseudo-scandal brought up every time Obama’s name is uttered. This is birth certificate 2.0.

    Yes, there are questions that must be answered by the Obama administration and Petreaus. But I don’t see the conspiracy, and right-wing frothing at the mouth just continues to show them as narrow, petulant, and generally mean-spirited.

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    Article by: Larry Tanner