• Hello…and a Brief Goodbye

    Have I formally said hello to the Skeptic Ink Network? No, I don’t think I have.

    Well, I am overjoyed to be part of this community, and I hope to bring something of value to  it. Thank you, John Loftus, Ed Clint, the SIN bloggers, and readers.

    What I like about SIN is its embrace of the many different voices and inflections of atheism today. We all reject gods–and God, for those who want a fine, classically theist point–but we do so from various vantage points. More importantly, having concluded “Yes, atheism is probably the truest account of what the universe is really like,” we apply that conclusion, build worldviews from it, and live lives with it in any number of ways.

    My particular way is with a very devout Christian woman, my wife of 12 years, and our three children. Becky, my wife, herself journeyed from Catholicism to lapsing (as the Church’s stances on homosexuality, the abuse scandal, and other matters grew too much for her) to finding what in our area is called a non-denominational church. This group  has a bit of a presbyterian structure, with elders and such. They stress reading the Christian testament books and seeing its events and lessons in modern life.

    I’m eager and willing to share as much of my home life as readers wish, although I think out lives are not exceptionally eventful or stress-laden–and least not from religious differences. I want this blog to be interactive, so I’ll be as responsive as I can to content and topic requests, should they come in.

    The brief goodbye in the title refers to a small hiatus I must take for a few days. My wife’s grandmother died, and we have wake and funeral events to participate in. I’ll be back by Election Day.


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    Article by: Larry Tanner