• Friday Fun: Favorite Fundie Flourishes


    What are your favorite tropes from anti-atheist arguers?

    My top three:

    1. You are not really an atheist (alt. There actually are no atheists). In this one, the arguer–who may never have met you in person and who knows next to nothing about your real life and experiences–claims to have deep personal knowledge of you. In fact, the arguer knows you better than you know yourself! The gumption of this argument is breathtaking.
    2. All nature testifies to God’s existence. This reasoning allows the arguer to couch strong emotional responses, often justifiably strong, into sciency-sounding language. It’s the argument from nature’s sublimity, and it projects powerful human aesthetic experiences onto nature.
    3. Atheism is a (alt. the worst) religion. Can a religion properly be called a religion without holy books, forms of worship, ritual observances, or codified beliefs? Can a religion properly be called a religion if it completely rejects all concepts of the divine and supernatural? If so, then atheism is a religion. Of course, the question becomes what isn’t a religion.

    Other good ones?

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    Article by: Larry Tanner