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Reminder: UKIP’s Farage was childhood “racist” and “fascist”

I can’t believe I had forgotten this, or perhaps it never passed my radar. Apparently UKIP aren’t a racist party, even though theor supporters and members are empirically more racist and intolerant than all other main parties, even though it seems that a councillor activist puts their foot in their mouth on a daily basis, and even though their leader was labelled as a “racist”, “fascist” and “neo-fascist” when he was at school. He sang Hitler youth songs, for crying out loud! Here is a Channel 4 News article from September 2013. You MUST read the letter sent by one of the teachers to request Farage not be considered for prefect. It is amazing:

Racism and xenophobia in economic downturns

My previous post talked about the rise of the right-wing UKIP in recent polls and elections in the UK. Part of this phenomena, which is predicated upon the blaming of immigrants and immigration for many social woes, is as a result of the recent economic downturn.