Divine Hate – a well recommended book

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Fellow Feather is an atheist (whom I converse with over email) who has posted a series of adverts directly and confrontationally aimed at and asking questions of Christians. The adverts have been in different publications of varying sizes, but have always been fascinating, as this one was which I post before. FF has now compiled these into an almost coffee table-sized book which feels and looks great. Here is his blurb. He has produced this book himself and is not looking to make any money from it, just to challenge and get his ideas of free will (or lack thereof), the atonement, heaven, hell and other problematic notions out there. Please get yourself a copy and support his valuable campaign! I really liked reading the replies he recieved from readers of his adverts. They were fascinating. It also features a foreword by Robert Price.





In A Word

You and none you love are going to hell  . . . and why. This is not a narrative. It can be scanned and read from any point.



  1. We should take the truth to the mass audience understandably and briefly
  2. Christianity is smothered in talk and stories of love, justice, mercy and forgiveness and, the compassionate deeds and sayings of Jesus. All truly good and nice — but not enough; you cannot be saved by simply being good and doing good.

Christianity’s relentless and mandatory bottom line which each of us will face at the Last Judgment is:

“Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” (Mark 16:16)

This is clearly a concoction of the men who wrote the creeds and the bible. This is proved in its countless contradictions and absurdities.

Who Should Love This Book

  • Freethinkers: — who will see here new, short and irrefutable reasons why they are right
  • LGBT: — the disaffected millions and their loved ones who are told by their religions that they are courting hell for simply being who they are.
  • Divorcees, contraceptive users, unmarried partners: — will find nothing but comfort in all the compelling reasons for seeing it is all man-made nonsense.
  • Those already on the weak end of the faith curve: — but too busy to spend a lot of time looking into the endless scholarly works for reasons to support their doubts. Its object is to show them the solid reasons to look deeper.
  • Those on the weak end of the skepticism curve: — who need reinforcement in their thinking. They will love seeing why they are right..

Foreword by Robert M. Price

The Foreword is by the renowned, double PhD religion scholar and author, Robert M. Price, who says: “Feather’s gift as well as his technique is to set forth the issues in a manner that is short, sweet and right to the point. And one might even say, right to the jugular.”


What Is Different Here? Includes over a dozen pieces run as paid “advertisements” in such as The New York Times, The Harvard Crimson, The South Bend Tribune, and Free Inquiry  and Reason magazines, along with all public responses.

  • Each presents its subject in a manner designed to gain the attention, interest and readership of a mass audience based on my forty years in using direct mail to sell a wide range of products and services.

Robert G. Ingersoll — Titan of Humanity

Included are seven important works by Ingersoll practically never seen today.


Who Am I?

You have never heard of me. What is said must stand or fall on its merits.