• I am interviewed on political liberty and free will at FTB

    I am really happy to have done an interview with Kaveh Mousavi at FTB on his On the Margin of Error blog. The subjects ranged from free will, to political liberty and Islam and the Middle East. Check it out here.Johno2-300x300

    Let me know what you think, and drop him some comments.

    Here is a taster:

    In the UK we also have a problem with the way our votes are counted and collated such that it is the first past the post system, rather than a fairer system of some kind of proportional representation. I also think it might be better to completely change the way we do politics and move more towards a Swiss system, perhaps, of voting on policy, rather than party. The problem, though, with these ideas is that sometimes the masses, misinformed by media, and perhaps not educated enough in relevant areas, do not often vote for the best or most sensible thing. And this is probably one of the biggest thorns in the side for perfect political freedom – we might assume that most people are nice and will want to vote for that which is morally the best. With the rise of the anti-European, borderline racism, and downright looney manifesto-writing UKIP in the UK, sometimes democracy can be frustrating. Or maybe that should read, sometimes your compatriots are frustrating. Very frustrating.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce