• Are ultrasound pics sacred?


    This guy thinks so. He says:

    A new phenomenon has captured America—young couples that are expecting children are posting pictures of their soon-to-be born babies online or sharing them with others in their churches and even in public. Each image depicts the baby still in the mother’s womb.

    Perhaps I am an old-fashioned “fuddy duddy,” but is that not sacred? As our home began to be blessed with children, it never even crossed my mind to display such an image to others. Every baby is a gift from God, hidden in the sacredness of a mother’s womb until the day of birth.

    As the Lord blesses your home with children, I implore you to think twice before committing such an action that would debase the birth process of a child.

    I’m basically speechless except to say it’s thrilling to not run in that crowd anymore. Ugh.

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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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