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Posted by on Oct 27, 2009 in creationism, faith schools | 0 comments

Poll finds over half of Britons support teaching Creationism and Intelligent Design along with Evolution

From IBTimes:

A Mori poll has found that over half of Britons believe Creationism and Intelligent Design should be taught alongside Evolution in science lessons.

The poll, which was part of a worldwide study into attitudes to the teaching on the origin of life on earth, saw 1,000 Britons questioned on the subject.

Around 54 per cent of those who responded said they thought teachers should talk about “alternative perspectives” to the Theory of Evolution, however only six per cent said they felt Creationism or Intelligent Design should be taught instead of Evolution.

Just over one fifth of respondents said that only the Theory of Evolution should be taught, as is currently the case under the national curriculum.” Read more

Guardian article here.

What explains these statistics, and what if anything should be done?

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